This Year’s AFP Guide Highlights Robotics in Finance

This post is written in reference to “AFP’s Guide to Emerging Technologies: Robotic Process Automation”, published in 2019.

The AFP “Executive Guide to Emerging Technologies: Robotic Process Automation” for 2019 included an in-depth analysis of Robotic Process Automation, its prevalence in the financial industry, and the implications robotics have on the industry, its efficiency, and jobs moving forward. In summary, the AFP guide, underwritten by Kyriba, highlights the impact automation is currently having on financial institutions; mainly, helping expedite business processes and adding value to jobs. The topic of robotics and automation has previously been broached in an abstract manner, as a tool of the future—that is no longer the case. The use of robotics will soon be the marker of successful and efficient processes.

Blades International, Inc. is aware of the importance of automation and robotics technology. Through the use of API and Bloomberg software, Blades International has developed an innovative technique called FX Rate Integrity®. FXRI® helps corporate clients understand and monitor their FX costs to ensure they are receiving Fair FX Markups.

Read the AFP Guide.

-Paola Gasca, Analyst


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